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More facts about seasonal flu vaccination

  • 2012-13 Inactivated influenza vaccine - What you need to know –
    • The nasal spray vaccination is made from a live, but weakened, virus and it is sprayed into the nostrils. It is recommended for healthy children and adults from 2 - 49 years old. It is not recommended for people with chronic health problems, people with severely weakened immune systems, pregnant women, children under 2 or adults over 50.
  • 2012-13 Live, attenuated influenza vaccine - LAIV (nasal spray) - What you need to know -
    • The flu shot you received last year will not protect you this year. 
  • There are two ways to get flu vaccine: a flu shot or a nasal spray.
  • The risks associated with both vaccinations are extremely small. The risks associated with getting the flu while unvaccinated are higher.
  • The "flu shot" is an inactivated virus that is given through an injection. It has been used for many years.
  • People who have ever had a serious allergic reaction to eggs or influenza vaccine in the past should consult their physicians before getting vaccinated. 
  • The best time to be immunized against annual flu is as early as possible after vaccine supplies are available (September). It is best to receive your vaccination as early as possible to provide a longer period of protection. But, it is not too late to receive your flu shot as late as January or even in February if flu is still circulating. 
  • Flu season usually peaks in February, but cases can occur as late as May.